Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vodlan?

Vodlan is the best way to watch great internet videos without the searching. Just select a channel, lean back and enjoy the show. It’s 100% human curated.

How is Vodlan curated?

The videos are selected by a third party team of curators who watch over 1.2 million videos a year to find the best ones for the channels, so that you don’t have to spend time searching or scrolling. Yes, their full time job is to watch YouTube videos all day, every day!

Where are the videos from?

We find videos all over the internet, but all of them are embedded from YouTube.

How do you select the videos?

We have a diverse team and each channel is curated by a person who is truly excited and passionate about the subject of their channel.

What about the creators of the videos?

Content creators are super important to us and all the videos on Vodlan are embedded according to YouTube’s terms, which means that creators really benefit from being featured on the site.

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