$425.000.000 BITCOIN INVESTMENT!!! Institutional FOMO Now?

The founder himself of MicroStrategy just confirmed on Twitter that his company invested a total of $425.000.000 in Bitcoin. Will this spark the long discussed instituational Bitcoin FOMO? Also covered in this episode: Bitcoin price Technical Analysis and some words about Chainlink. 00:00 Intro 01:07 Bitcoin Technical Analysis 04:16 Chainlink Analysis 06:20 Phemex Bonus 06:42 MicroStrategy $425M Bitcoin Purchase! 08:50 Outro 👇🏻SUPPORT THE CHANNEL BY USING MY AFFILIATE LINKS BELOW👇🏻 🚩 Exchanges I'm using: ► Coinbase FIAT https://ift.tt/2OIIi6i ► Binance FIAT https://ift.tt/2EtrnOz ► Binance Altcoins https://ift.tt/2HphMc6 ► Binance Futures https://ift.tt/2YQCZpw ► Phemex Futures https://ift.tt/2vasErJ ► Bybit Futures https://ift.tt/2XqlOXm 🚩 My Chart Tool: ► TradingView https://ift.tt/2vDzfai 🚩 My Hardware Wallets: ► Ledger https://ift.tt/2yqFSy4 ► Trezor https://ift.tt/2ZfXAAP 🚩 Keep your Private Keys safe: ► https://ift.tt/2Et0vhG 🚩 Follow me: ► https://twitter.com/sunnydecree ► https://ift.tt/39rIAoc ► https://ift.tt/2DRei1w ► https://www.youtube.com/sunnydecreede #Bitcoin #BitcoinPrice #Chainlink

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